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Backing up this idea that Apple is truly sweating the details, this is actually the second patent granted for an airbag solution. Both patents are chiefly credited to the same people, too. So Apple is refining and iterating designs in order to increase safety. "In non-traditional vehicle designs," says Apple, "for example, where rows of occupants face each other within the passenger compartment or where the vehicle is designed without roof rails, there are limited options for reaction surfaces and tethers." "New approaches to airbag-based occupant safety systems are thus desired," it continues. The refinements in this patent actually remove one point to do with moveable seats. It's also different from the previous patent in how it proposes inflatable restraints, or airbags, can be deployed "from opposing interior surfaces of a passenger compartment." Detail from the patent showing a range of possible airbag deployments Previously, the team examined such airbag-like restraints coming from "lap portions of a tensioned restraint." There's no reason to assume the new patent supersedes or replaces the previous one, however. It's more a sign that Apple is figuring out airbag deployment based on different internal designs for the "Apple Car." Part of these possible designs includes configurations where the user always drives, or can take over from the self-driving controls. Regardless of who is driving, there are going to be situations where the car goes out of control or, as Apple describes it, suffers a "loss of directional stability." Whether that's through driver error or road conditions, another Apple patent proposes that the car itself should be able to intervene. "Upon determining that the vehicle has lost stability, the electronic stability control system can apply braking at the road wheels individually and/or request propulsion torque to regain stability," says Apple in "Integrated chassis control." "For example, braking may be applied to the outer front wheel to counter oversteer or braking may be applied to the inner rear wheel to counter understeer," continues the patent. "By minimizing the disparity between the desired chassis yaw rate and the measured chassis yaw rate, the electronic stability control system allows the vehicle to retain some degree of controllability." This does require the "Apple Car" to recognize an unintentional loss of stability, and this patent is primarily concerned with how it determines that. "The electronic stability control system may determine that the vehicle has lost stability based on a deviation of the vehicle's actual measured states from desired states such as deviation of an actual yaw rate of the vehicle from a desired yaw rate," says Apple. Detail from the patent showing the car detecting unstable, unintended movement "The desired states may be estimated based on driver inputs that imply an intended course for the vehicle, such as steering inputs," continues the patent. These patents for the airbags and restoring directional control, are obviously chiefly intended for when the car is moving. A third newly-granted Apple patent concentrates on that plus when the car is stopped. Specifically, "Dynamic element protection," details situations where the "Apple Car" might choose to resource lock the doors rather than have a driver step out into a hazardous environment. "Elements in an environment can include dynamic elements that can change location within an environment, including vehicles, humans, animal life, etc," says this patent.


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